Save Your Company Thousands. Refurbish,
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Up to 80% Cheaper than replacing and environmentally friendly.

What Can We Do For You?

Acoustical Ceiling Coating & Re-surfacing

Application of an acoustical & fire retardent coating. This gives ceilings a new appearance that does not bond tiles to T bars and does not block fissures & pores of acoustical ceilings.

Coustic-Grid Geo Vinyl Grid Cover (Ceiling Grid Capping)

At Coustic-Glo® International, we have developed a unique service for upgrading old, painted, rusted and heavily stained ceiling grids. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Professional Ceiling & Chandelier Cleaning

Making sure that your ceilings and Chandeliers are clean is very important for your workplace and very important for your employees. Very few companies realize (until they look up…) how important ceiling cleanliness is.

Acousticial Ceiling Coating and Resurfacing

Why Coat Ceilings?

As acoustical tiled ceilings age, they lose many of their original properties including the ability to absorb sound (acoustical rating) and flame and smoke retardation. In addition, they darken and often take on a checkerboard look. Our Coustic-Glo® service can restore these lost properties as well as provide an evenly colored ceiling.

Benefits of the Coustic-Coat Service

The acoustics will be improved (independent acoustical engineering test data available upon request). The ceiling will have enhanced flame and smoke retardation ratings as verified by the California State Fire Marshall who annually rates Coustic-Coat® as a Fire Retardant (listing#2280-1245:100). An evenly coated light, bright ceiling reflects substantially more light.

The Process

The space to be serviced is fully engulfed in plastic sheeting thus protecting walls, furnishing, merchandise, plants and equipment from overspray. Coustic-Coat® is applied using airless sprayers. HVAC vents are cleaned and coated to match. The plastic is removed and great care is taken to leave the facility as clean as it was upon our arrival.

Available in several versions of white as well as special order decorator colors.

Coustic Glo Geo-Vinyl Grid Cover & Capping

At Coustic-Glo® we have developed a unique service for upgrading old, painted, rusted and heavily stained ceiling grids. Our exclusive Coustic-Grid® system is snapped onto standard 15/16″ exposed grid. Ts, crosses and L shaped caps are used at junctions.

This Geo-Vinyl based PVC type material creates a “like new” look which is easily cleanable. It will also add to the flame retardation of a ceiling system as it has a flash ignition temperature of 321ºC (610ºF) and a self-ignition temperature of 435ºC (815ºF).

Ceiling & Chandelier Cleaning

Save your company thousands of dollars. Refurbish, don’t replace. Ceilings are soft and porous so they absorb pollutants and stains and microorganisms that are circulated throughout the facility by the heating and air conditioning systems.

Pollutants and dust and stains and yeasts and molds and bacteria are all unhealthy.When you service your carpets, you are eliminating these potential disease causing irritants. But if you ignore your ceilings, you are still left with a potential health hazard which can mean lost productivity due to sick or uncomfortable employees.

Whether or not your ceilings look dirty, they should regularly be cleaned and sanitized as part of a due diligence to prevent Sick Building Syndrome.

How Do We Clean Ceilings?

Service is normally provided outside of business hours (nights, weekends). All furnishings are covered with dropcloths and/or tarps. Our patented Coustic-Glo® product B+ is applied to the ceiling using a low pressure sprayer.

Through a unique combination of surfactants and oxidizers, the pollutants and stains are removed in the form of a an invisible, odorless vapor and microorganisms, yeasts and molds are reduced. Hard items in the ceiling such as grids, speaker covers and vents are detail cleaned as well. Based on air quality studies by an independent laboratory, active ingredients are not present in the interior environment an hour after servicing.


What Related Services Do We Perform?
In addition to the cleaning acoustical ceilings, we also clean hard ceilings such as vinyl tile ceilings, metal pan ceilings, vinyl-rock ceilings and drywall ceilings. We clean walls including vinyl covered walls, tiled walls, brick walls, stainless steel and FRP walls.

We clean fluorescent light diffusers and light reflectors. And we ultrasonically clean the various types of plastic and metal parabolic light lenses and various types of window blinds. Our Coustic-Glo® acoustical resurfacing and fire retarding process is our most popular service (see details in that portion of this web site) because it leaves an acoustical tiled ceilings restored with full acoustical and fire retardation ratings.


Up to 80% Cheaper than replacing
and environmentally friendly.